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Igniting Employability


ECD is the foundation to all future learning. Ensuring children are school ready is key but it’s also just as important are the qualifications, skill sets, and expertise of the ECD teachers and caregivers working within our more vulnerable and disadvantaged communities.

Formative and early years are a critical developmental window for a child, laying the foundation for success at school and beyond. In South Africa, more than 80% of children from the ages of 3-6 are not in accredited ECD centres (more than three-quarters are from low-income households). This is due to several reasons, including a general lack of qualified ECD teachers and caregivers within South Africa.

ECD teachers and caregivers must be taught and trained on important ECD principles, concepts, and strategies e.g. perceptual abilities and skills, fine-motor development, learning through movement and concept forming abilities etc. This will empower our ECD teachers and caregivers to contribute in a sustainable and knowledgeable manner to the lives of the children they work with daily.

Qualified ECD teachers and caregivers can effectively support children in areas in which they struggle, which in turn aids a child’s confidence in their skill sets as they grow. It takes a trained and qualified ECD teacher and caregiver to facilitate the all-round development of a child in a manner that is sensitive to cultural and individual needs (including special needs and barriers to learning).

It is vital that ECD projects and programmes like those facilitated through Brainwave be implemented within our more vulnerable and disadvantaged communities. This would ensure that our supported ECD teachers and caregivers as well as indirect beneficiaries (children) have all the tools, skill sets and expertise needed for best possible teaching practices, learning and developmental growth.

We at Brainwave offer companies and CSI departments a range of ECD-based turnkey projects and programmes that looks to produce qualified and trained teachers and caregivers within the ECD sector.

Why partner with Brainwave?

What does Brainwave offer within the ECD space?
  • Grade R CAPS-aligned material development and implementation thereof.
  • ECD Ready, Steady, Learn workshop 1 (non-accredited).
  • ECD Ready, Steady, Learn workshop 2 (non-accredited).
  • ECD environmental (and resource making) workshops.
  • ECD NQF 4 qualification: SAQA ID: 58761.
  • ECD NQF 5 qualification: SAQA ID: 64649.
  • Standardized (HPCSA approved) school readiness evaluations.
  • Non-standardized school readiness screenings.

Require ECD project info?

Please send us a message for any further CSI-funded ECD project and programme information and enquires you may have.

Our Mission

We offer educational-based turnkey projects

We at Brainwave offer companies and CSI departments a range of educational-based turnkey projects and programmes that look at eradicating and reducing youth unemployment within South Africa.

Our youth employment product and service offerings have a coordinated and integrated approach when it comes to the implementation of such projects and programmes. Skill development, social capital and bridging information and resource gaps are key. 

Brainwave not only strives to IGNITE EMPLOYABILITY but also provides companies and organisations with a positive ROI, where M&E plays a pivotal role in the design and implementation of our educational-based development projects and programmes.