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Discover The Tertiary World


“You can lead a boy/girl to college, but you can’t make him/her think.”  ̶   Elbert Hubbard. The Discover the Tertiary World product and workshop assists learners and students in better preparing them for tertiary study after having completed Grade 12. What are the differences between high school and the tertiary world? How do I apply for admissions and funding? Study, examination, and stress management all form an important part of the Discover the Tertiary World product and workshop.

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This product can be purchased for personal use or through provision of individual and group workshops facilitated through Brainwave directly. Please email for a Discover the Tertiary World facilitation quote

Target market: Parents. Grade 10’s. Grade 11’s. Grade 12’s. Gap Year students. 1st year tertiary students. Life Orientation teachers. High schools. Gap Year students. Department of Education officials. CSI departments.

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