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Discover Your Five Choices After School


“Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.”  ̶   Keri Russel. The Discover Your Five Choices After School product and workshop provides learners and students with their study and work options after having completed Grade 12 (or not having completed Grade 12). Which choice/option is best suited for me? Personal branding and communication skills form an important component to the Discover Your Five Choices After school product (crucial skills needed when studying and working).

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This product may be purchased for personal use or through personalized group or individual workshops facilitated through Brainwave. Please email for a Discover Your Five Choices After School facilitation quote.

Target market: Parents. Grade 9’s. Grade 10’s. Grade 11’s. Grade 12’s. Gap Year students. Life Orientation teachers. High schools. Department of Education officials. CSI departments.

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