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Ignite Your Employability (Job Applications)


The Ignite Your Employability (Job Applications) product and workshop looks at the job application skills and expertise needed to best prepare the individual for ultimate career and job success. The use of social media and creating an online presence as well as job opportunities and hunting form an important part of the Ignite Your Employability (Job applications) product and workshop.


This product may be purchased for personal use or through personalized group or individual workshops facilitated through Brainwave. Please email for an Ignite Your Employability (Job Applications) facilitation quote.

Target market: Parents. Grade 9’s. Grade 10’s. Grade 11’s. Grade 12’s. Gap Year students. Tertiary students. Unemployed youth. Corporate interns. Tertiary graduates. Life Orientation teachers. HR companies and departments. High schools. Department of Education officials. Department of Social Development officials. Department of Labour officials. CSI departments. Youth Development companies and organizations.

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