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Igniting Employability

Whole school development.

An old African proverb says, “It takes a village to raise a child”. The same principle applies when looking at a whole school development approach in the improvement and sustainability within any school (but especially those public schools within our more vulnerable and disadvantaged communities). This requires cohesive and collaborative actions by the supported school (principal, teachers, and learners), surrounding community, DBE, project funder and project service provider.

What is a whole school development approach? 

A whole school development approach involves addressing the needs of learners, teachers, and the wider community, not only regarding academic and curriculum support, but across the whole school teaching and learning environment. This implies collective and collaborative actions by a school and project partners (project funder and service provider) to improve overall teaching and learning, behaviour, and wellbeing as well as the systemic conditions that support these.

The whole school development approach is a framework that can be used to assess what already ‘exists’ within the school as well as the creation of an implementation plan to address gaps and identify measures of progress.

A whole school approach includes:
Brainwave’s approach to the implementation of a whole school development primary and high school projects and programmes:

It is of fundamental importance that whole school development projects and programmes like those facilitated through Brainwave be implemented within our more vulnerable and disadvantaged communities. This would ensure that our primary and high schools have access to best teaching and learning practices in a stimulating, interactive, resourced classroom environment that promotes optimal learning and produces tangible and achievable learner results.

Why partner with Brainwave?

What does Brainwave offer within the whole school development primary and high school space?
  • CAPS-based primary school teacher training in Mathematics, Numerical Literacy, and English (FAL).
  • CAPS-based high school teacher training in Mathematics, English (FAL) and Physical Sciences.
  • Professional development workshops e.g. Classroom management, blended teaching, discipline etc.
  • Personal development workshops e.g. Self-image, change management, leadership etc.
  • ICT training (and implementation thereof).
  • Provision of social intervention toolkits.
  • Cluster training workshops.
  • Subject forum sessions.
  • Lead teacher training.
  • In classroom support.
  • Academic enrichment classes and workshops (subject specific and project dependant).
  • Career development and job readiness workshops (high school).
  • Provision of social intervention toolkits.
  • Remedial and ‘barriers to learning’ interventions (optional).

Require whole school development project info?

Please send us a message for any further CSI-funded whole school development project and programme information and enquires you may have.

Our Mission

We offer educational-based turnkey projects.

We at Brainwave offer companies and CSI departments a range of educational-based turnkey projects and programmes that look at eradicating and reducing youth unemployment within South Africa.

Our youth employment product and service offerings have a coordinated and integrated approach when it comes to the implementation of such projects and programmes. Skill development, social capital and bridging information and resource gaps are key. 

Brainwave not only strives to IGNITE EMPLOYABILITY but also provides companies and organisations with a positive ROI, where M&E plays a pivotal role in the design and implementation of our educational-based development projects and programmes.